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We know about Subject -> Three Persons .
Let us know about verb.
Verb : Action, state or possession
: Three forms : Present Tense, Past Tense and Past Participle


  • Verb is a word or a group of words.
  • It refers to action, state or possession.


  1. I came to school. (action)
  2. He plays well. (action)
  3. She sings well. (action)
  4. They always speak the truth. (action)
  5. I am a good student. (state)
    We are good friends. (state)
  6. He is the leader of our class . (state)
  7. I have a pen. (possession)
  8. He has five books. (possession)
  9. They have a house. (possession)
  • Each verb has three forms.
  • They are present tense form : come, go, write
                             past tense form : came, went, wrote
                    past participle form : come, gone, written

Don’t practise like this :               come – came – come
                                                               write- wrote –written

Practise like this:                            come :  present tense form
                                                               came : past tense form
                                                               come : past participle form

  • go – present tense form
    went – past tense form
    gone – past participle form


  • play – present tense form
    played – past tense form
    played – past participle form


  • write – present tense form
    wrote – past tense form
    written – past participle form
Take only ten examples. Practise them well in the above form.


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