In Tamilnadu and other states in India, more than 95% of the school going children learn through their mother tongue in the primary and secondary level.

English is one of the main subjects for them from the primary level in many states.

In spite of English being one of the main subjects for years, the knowledge of most of the children in English at the exit point in the twelfth level is zero.

They can’t be expected to construct even a few sentences in English correctly.

It is almost an enforced retardation for the children.

It is a very urgent need of the hour to empower the children with the English communicative skills.

The present problem is that most of the teachers are not competent enough to teach English in the primary and secondary level.

A swimming teacher teaches the learners swimming for years.

The learners get promotion and certificate of passing every year.

At the end, when the learner jumps into a well, he gets drowned.

This is the achievement of learners in English in the present system of education.

Under the present system, the children are supposed to have been told, not taught, innumerable sentences in English.

But, they are not taught to frame a sentence correctly on their own.

A child should be taught to think and frame a sentence correctly and achieve fluency by practice.

Under this principle, I had tried a hand book ‘Learn and Teach Grammar’ in the districts of Theni and Dindigul as the Chief Educational Officer.

It inspired both the teachers and the children leading to a remarkable achievement in the children’s progress in English.

This success story led me to think ‘why not extend this success story to all the children who learn through their mother tongue’.

The result is the present website.

It is totally free and service oriented.

When the children are freed from ignorance and get benefit, it is my eternal investment in human resources to face the challenges in the world.